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Can I publish a new blog post every day?

Uri Shaked
3 min readOct 1, 2018

I’ve been sharing my projects, thoughts and learnings on Medium for nearly three years. When 2016 started, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to start sharing my what I do and what I learn online, in the form of a blog. It started with a short article about how to wirelessly power an LED using Arduino, and then I connected my T-Shirt to Slack, and even created an IoT game using web technologies like Angular.

This was fun. I met many interesting people through my blog posts, and even made new friends, most notably Max Wizard K. Over time, my articles grew longer, and many of them were deep dives into technologies such as Angular internals, Augmented Reality, Web Bluetooth, Reverse Engineering, and even Neuroscience.

Over time, my articles grew longer, and nowadays most of them are deep dives. Thus, when Max pointed me at this excellent write-up by Sara Soueidan, I immediately recognized the similarities — I also started writing mainly as a reference to my self, and started with shorter and simpler articles, but eventually turned every article into several weeks of work, including a technical editor who helps me get the articles out faster (as English in not my primary language) — thank you Daniel Elfanbaum for bearing with me, and my life partner Ariella Eliassaf who takes care of the covers and video editing:

One of Ariella’s wonderful video filming and editing works

And just like Sara, I have many smaller projects I never found the time to write about, and several drafts that I started but never had the time to finish. In fact, looking back at the past 2 years, all of my blog posts took at least one week from writing the first word to publishing, and many took more than a month from ideation to completion (well, except for my 2017 Year’s Summary — as the idea popped into my mind just a few hours before the end of the year, so I had to work fast).

Concrete Fire Bowl — What Ariella makes when she’s not helping me with the blog

Sara ended her article with the following call for action:

If you don’t have a blog already, make one. Write. Publish. Share. You’ll never know how many doors one small article might open up for you.

In this spirit I decided to challenge myself and write a new blog post every single day. It is going to be my Blogging-October, inspired by Emily Freeman’s JavaScript January).This is going to be tough as this month I am getting married (you already know that if you read my last 3D printing post), and also going to speak in several conferences. To make it feasible, I will try to follow Sara’s advice and keep the articles short, spending about one hour or less on each. I completed this post in just under 30 minutes — hooray!

So before we part ways, a little spoiler for one of the projects that I will probably be covering pretty soon:

Hasta mañana, and thank you Sara for the inspiration!



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