First Week in Japan! 🍯

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Ariella and I went to Japan for our honey moon. We heard so many stories about Japan and wanted to experience the different culture firsthand. How did it go? This is a short summary of our first week — food, experiences, cultural differences and what we learned.

First stop: Tokyo 🧳

When we arrived at Tokyo, our luggage did not. This prepared us well for the rest of the trip — Japan has a luggage delivery service, so instead of having to carry your luggage when travelling between different cities, they will ship it for you to the next destination.

Beating the Machine 🥇

Ariella quickly found out the only machine that was relatively easy to win, and after spending just 300¥ (roughly 3$), managed to figure out the algorithm for winning:

One belt, many Sushi!
Ariella taking a photo of Japanese people with very long camera lens
Scenic view in the park

Gigantic Robots 🤖

Following a friend recommendation, we went to a place called “Robot Restaurant”, where we hoped to find some dinner served to us by robot. What we got instead was very surprising — a crazy show of human beings riding gigantic robots, dancing and fighting to loud music:

Not quite what we expected, but crazy and spectacular
Shinjuku in the evening. Busy as always!

The TeamLab Projection Experience 🌻

EPSON teamLab Borderless is a big Interactive Digital Installation —it is a large digital art museum, with rooms full of projects artwork, interactive LED-light exhibitions (such as a climb wall), and many many mirrors. As a Maker, I felt like this is a great opportunity to get some inspiration!

They thought us a few Japanese words such as “Oki”, which means big
Flowers are everywhere!
Our Japanese friends taking a colorful selfie
Interactive climbing wall. You need to touch the same color with your hand and foot
Do you recognize this car model?

Green Gyoza in Shibuya 🍴

We spent our next day in Shibuya, though, it was too crowded and busy for me. We did find some very tasty Wasabi Gyoza in some hidden restaurant:

The best Gyoza I had to date!
Ariella found Totoro!
Our first Bento lunch, on our way to the next destination! 🚅

Hiroshima City — 広島市

We arrived at Hiroshima’s main train station, and were trying to figure out how to get to the hotel. Some random Japanese man noticed that we looked a bit confused, so he spent a few minutes helping us to find our way. After he made sure we understood everything, he thanked us for letting him help us, and looked for something in his bag. Then he pulled this:

He gave us this gift for helping us. That’s what I call a cultural difference!
Ariella chopping her Okonomyaki
It starts its life with a big chunk of cabbage and Soba noodles topped with batter

Face Masks 😷

When you first come to Japan, it is really hard to miss the fact everyone on the street is wearing a face mask. The reasons aren’t strictly health related — since they became popular, some wear them to keep their face warm, to avoid having to put on make-up and a lipstick before going out, or just as a barrier to reduce communication with other people.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum 🕊

The next morning we went to the Peace Memorial museum, where they tell the story of the atomic bombing. The experience was intense and very educational. The museum leads you through the timeline of events, which reminded us the Yad Vashem museum.

Good morning, Hiroshima!
Traditional Us!

Surprise Eggs 🥚

The park inside the castle area was full of human-sized eggs that seemed very familiar:

Aren’t these the eggs we saw on the teamLab borderless experience before?
Colorful, gigantic eggs in the night ☂
Love is in the egg! 😍
We just couldn’t stop making silhouettes
Our relaxing nighttime egg-perience
The silhouettes of people in front of the lighting eggs reminded me a scene from Disney’s Fantasia
The museum was also illuminated, as part of the show
One big wall, many crowd-painted animated historical figures

Miyajima 宮島

Miyajima, which means “Shrine Island”, is a small island to the southwest of Hiroshima. We took a speed boat from Hiroshima city center, which takes about 45 minutes and gives you a great view of the city:

Selfie with not-so-friendly deer

The Torii Gate

We went on to visit the famous “floating” Torii Gate. When the tide is high, the gate appear as if it is floating on the water:

Tide is high and the Torii Gate is floating
Good night Miajima!
Me, taking the above photo
Ariella wearing a funny mask in a well-cushioned room

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