Wire mess replaced by a custom shield with Motor Drivers, Regulator, DFPlayer and E-Paper Connector

In all started in one weekend. My life-partner Ariella and I went to GeekCon, a weekend hackathon devoted to building useless (but nevertheless super-cool) maker projects.

We had an ambitious goal: we wanted to build Chrome’s infamous no-internet dinosaur game, but in real-life. We spent the weekend building a prototype with Arduino and some parts that we ordered in advance (such as PCB for the T-Rex):

I use both KiCad and EasyEDA for PCB design, and couldn’t find a way to convert designs between them. So I created one!

When designing Printed Circuit Boards, my tool of choice is KiCad. After using Eagle for some years (I even designed my first ever PCB with it), I tried KiCad and never looked back. Earlier this year I also learned about EasyEDA, an online PCB design tool. 🔧


If you are just looking to convert an EasyEDA design to KiCad, here is the link to the online tool:


What are highlights of each tool and how can you have the best of all worlds?

Comparing KiCad and EasyEDA

KiCad packs in many great capabilities: an extensive library of component symbols and footprints, an awesome…

Learn about the internals of the Arduino Uno microcontroller by looking at 5 different approaches for a seemingly simple task: blinking an LED!

Blinking an LED is the “Hello World” program of hardware. It is also one of the most popular Arduino program, and I bet electronics enthusiast has run it at least once in their life.

In this blog post, I am going to show you 5 different ways of blinking an LED on Arduino: blinking an LED by turning it on/off roughly once a second.

visit goodarduinocode.com to have access to many interesting Arduino projects, as well to subscribe for weekly curated Arduino projects.

We’ll start with the Blink example that comes with the Arduino IDE:

Below is the code for…

How to Hack Your 3D Printer to Draw With Colorful Bacteria

3D Printers can create static objects, and sometimes even flexible/dynamic objects. But how about printing living cells?

In this article, I am going to share the story of how I programmed my 3D Printer to draw with live E.coli bacteria! But first, let me tell you how I even got these bacteria to begin with:

Meet The Purple E. coli 🧫

It all started when I got an Amino Labs Engineer-it Kit. This $35 kit is a “Hello World” biology experiment, where you take E. coli bacteria and “install” a new gene in their DNA. If you are not familiar with them, E. …

¿Cómo le enseñamos al Asistente de Google a enseñarte Español?

Si actualmente estás construyendo o pensando cómo desarrollar una Acción del Asistente de Google, ¡Este post es para ti!

Mi amigo Daniel Gwerzman y yo lanzamos recientemente “Spanish Lesson” (La lección de Español), un asistente que te ayudará a aprender español enseñándote un número de palabras nuevas cada día, y leyendo frases sencillas en español para que las traduzcas al inglés.

Nos lo pasamos muy bien construyendo la app, así que pensamos que te mostraríamos como lo hicimos, incluyendo algunos fragmentos de código interesantes. …

The Full Story of Designing and Manufacturing a Hardware-Packed PCB Badge Full of Surprises

I have never studied Electrical Engineering. Yet electronics and PCB design always fascinated me. I learned mostly through hands-on experimentation with projects such as making Angular-logo shaped beacons, guided by online tutorials and YouTube videos. Perhaps it isn’t the most effective method, but it works for me and it is fun.

For some time now I wanted to create a larger scale project, such as a smart conference badge. Something other people can have, interact with, program and extend. And then, one day, the opportunity came. …

Sushi Cooking Workshop, Geisha Photoshooting, Samurais, Monkeys & Ninjas, Pottery, Breathtaking Views and Great Food

First night in Kyoto. After a long journey from Koya-san, we were famished, and so we found an all-you-can Japanese Black Waygu Beef restaurant called Chifaja. We had to take our shoes off (as you do in many Japanese venues) and put them in a small locker:

I loved the fact that the “keys” were simply small blocks of wood:

Our Second Week Travelling in Japan; Featuring: Totoro

Our first week in Japan was full of new experiences — we started our Honeymoon in Tokyo, and then spent the weekend in Hiroshima and Miyajima. We got very enthusiastic feedback about our first blog post, so here is the second one, telling the story of our stay in Osaka and Koyasan.

Hello, Osaka!

As we arrived Osaka, we were greeted with a warm welcome dance:

She dances like that non-stop

We checked-in at the hotel and were surprised to find an Android phone in our room. Apparently, they lend you a phone with internet and unlimited calls for the duration of…

Experiences, Food, Culture, Photos, Videos

Ariella and I went to Japan for our honey moon. We heard so many stories about Japan and wanted to experience the different culture firsthand. How did it go? This is a short summary of our first week — food, experiences, cultural differences and what we learned.

First stop: Tokyo 🧳

When we arrived at Tokyo, our luggage did not. This prepared us well for the rest of the trip — Japan has a luggage delivery service, so instead of having to carry your luggage when travelling between different cities, they will ship it for you to the next destination.

The only downside is…

Just as 2019 is starting, I summarize my past year. Last year I wrote my first “Year in Retrospective” summary post, and it made me realize how diverse and interesting my year had been. So I decided to repeat the experience and share my summary of 2018. Here we go —

Community Activities

Following my passion for Software, Electronics, Robotics and Making, I recently started a new Meetup Group called IoT Makers Israel. We had the first event in a new maker space that was just launched, and it was a blast!

Another remarkable project for me is the Community Hours

Uri Shaked

Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies, Maker and Public Speaker

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